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Equine law is complex and encompasses a wide variety of legal areas. It is important to get the correct advice from a specialist equine lawyer to avoid the pitfalls.

Vincenza Perkins is the Principal Solicitor at VP Legal Solicitors, she is passionate about horses and competes on a regular basis and as such she is the resident equine specialist. She understands the issues that can arise with horse ownership and the problems that can be associated with it. Vincenza offers expert equine legal advice, she talks to clients with an understanding based on her knowledge of equine law as an experienced owner and competitor.

One of the problems areas which causes concerns is the buying and selling of horses. A horse can appear to be perfect from the sales description, even when ridden and vetted it can appear sound, only to exhibit issues subsequently. In such cases, it is important to get advice early and frequently, independent veterinary and equine experts are required to support, or defend a claim.

Not all owners purchase their horse, you may decide to take a horse on loan, or have a horse on trial. There may be conditions attached for the care and expenses involved. It is worth remembering that even a verbal agreement can be binding. We can help you with advice on drafting contracts and the steps necessary to clarify terms for all parties. This helps detail what each party is responsible for and what each party provides. If an arrangement should break down we can act on your behalf to pursue, or defend, a claim.

In addition we deal with veterinary negligence, as well as personal injury claims where horses or ponies are involved.

At VP Legal we are able to assist and advise on many equine situations, whether claiming or defending. Where possible we will always try to resolve matters before court action, helping you to reduce your costs and spend more time with your horse!

For a free initial consultation, contact Vincenza Perkins at our Burton Latimer office 01536 722071 or use the contact page on this site.

VP Legal Solicitors can offer advice on the following:

  • Employment contracts for equine employees and employers
  • Horse loan agreements and contracts
  • Insurance claims
  • Liability disclaimers
  • Livery agreements
  • Livery disputes
  • Loan disputes
  • Personal injury for horse riders and 3rd party liability claims
  • Sale and purchase disputes