Dispute and


Litigation is the legal process by which disputes are resolved by Solicitors for their clients. There are more specialised areas of litigation such as employment or personal injury, however, general civil litigation covers the vast majority of disputes that do not fall into a specific category.

A dispute can relate to anything that cannot be agreed upon and resolved by the parties/persons involved.

When negotiation fails to resolve a dispute, the choices remaining are either to proceed with litigation through the courts, or to seek an alternative method of resolution, such as mediation, or arbitration.


Mediation is a process by which an independent mediator will oversee structured negotiations between interested parties in the attempt to agree a resolution. It is typically cheaper than the Court process.


Arbitration is often a more suitable resolution process for commercial contracts as it is basically a private court. However the downside of arbitration is that it can be as expensive as litigation.

VP Legal Solicitors provide both mediation and arbitration services for commercial and private clients, but when the only solution is litigation, we have a proven track record in protecting our clients’ interests through the courts.

Even when the litigation process has been set in motion, we will still try to work towards resolving an ‘out of court’ settlement. Court action can be expensive, if matters can be resolved before a hearing it may be more cost effective to do so.

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How we can
help you:

  • We offer advice on the strength and weaknesses of your claim, or your options if a claim is being made against you and whether to settle or contest the claim
  • If things cannot be resolved by correspondence, we will suggest either alternative dispute resolution, or issue court proceedings dependent on the circumstances of your case
  • We will build a case strategy based on your evidence and witnesses
  • We will instruct relevant expert witnesses on your behalf, using their opinions and advice to help progress your claim and support you in court should the need arise
  • We will represent you at pre-trial hearings and case management conferences.
  • We will attend trials, arbitrations and mediations if needed